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Properly functioning trucking equipment ensures goods arrive at their destination on time and in pristine condition. Trucks and trailers must be reliable, safe, and accommodate life on the road.

Witte Bros. Exchange’s commercial fleet boasts industry-leading equipment: Peterbilt 579s and Freightliner Next Gen Cascadias. As a solo or team driver for Witte, you’ll enjoy automatic transmission, Jake-brakes, luxury interiors, and much more. Apply for a rewarding position or to receive best-in-class CDL training at Witte today!

The Peterbilt 579

Take A Seat

It’s vital to remain comfortable when spending hours on the road. When you take a seat in the Peterbilt Model 579, you’ll feel the difference immediately. The driver’s seat was designed to ensure your comfort and safety through the following features:

  • Adjustable height, length, and backrests
  • Air suspension 
  • Fore and aft isolators
  • Lumbar support

A large, ergonomic steering wheel effortlessly adjusts to each driver’s ideal position. Light and radio controls are easily accessible on the steering wheel stalk, and large, easy-to-read instrument panels remain visible day and night. Every control and switch is within reach, so all you need to do is drive.

Premium Aerodynamic Design

The air-ride Peterbilt 579 is known for its aerodynamic nature. Its bold, new design is available in either medium or long-sloped hood lengths, taking performance to a new level. Beyond the sloped hood’s aesthetic appeal, a contoured roof cap effectively directs airflow around the trailer. 

Efficiently burn fuel and maximize visibility. An all-new headlight design projects light farther and more evenly on the road, reducing driver fatigue. Additional best-in-class features boost performance:

  • Regional electrical load centers
  • Proven circuit board technology
  • Engine-mounted, side-by-side cooling system

Live and Sleep in Luxury

Undeniable comfort, space, and quiet set the Model 579 apart. Drivers enjoy 30 inches of walk-through between the seats, offering easy access to a luxurious sleeper cab. The sleeper is available in three configurations, four color choices, and two trim levels.

The Premium Length sleeper is perfect for taller drivers. Its 42-inch lift-table bunk is one of the industry’s widest. Below it lies 25 cubic feet of storage space accessible from exterior baggage doors. All temperature and lighting controls are within reach from the bunk, and every cabinet has doors rather than nets to secure your items.

Every cab boasts luxury features, offering convenience on the road:

  • Flat-screen TVs
  • DVD players
  • Refrigerators
  • Inverters

The Freightliner Next Gen Cascadia

Safety, Functionality, and Comfort

Comfort meets performance in the Freightliner Next Gen Cascadia. A fully insulated cab minimizes most noises and vibrations. The longer your trip, the more you’ll appreciate it. Freightliner cabs feature a unique air suspension system, widely spaced airbags, and lateral shock absorbers to provide the utmost comfort. 

The cab’s interior was designed with the busy truck driver in mind. The dashboard features an all-new instrument cluster, steering wheel controls, and switch placement to meet every driver’s needs:

  • View and react to critical information displayed right in front of you
  • Control the instrument cluster with accessible steering wheel buttons
  • Reach gauges and switches easily through an ergonomic design

Reimagined Design

Fuel efficiency is of the utmost importance when hauling large trailers. The Freightliner Cascadia exterior offers an aerodynamic design, allowing you to drive further and stop less:

  • Optimally sloped hood and grille
  • Aerodynamic side mirrors
  • Integrated air deflectors 
  • Door seals

A redesigned single-pane windshield offers maximum visibility – rain or shine. Easily adjustable side mirrors allow every driver to see their blind spots. Further, LED headlights shine farther and last longer than conventional incandescent headlights.

Rest in Style

Living on the road doesn’t have to be a burden. The Freightliner Next Gen Cascadia offers a spacious driver loft with a full-size wall bed to differentiate between sleeping and relaxing. Various trim options and padded ergonomic seating make driving, paperwork, sleeping, and eating comfortable and convenient.

Enjoy ample storage space, a flat-screen TV, a refrigerator, and an inverter to increase comfort in your home away from home. Witte solo drivers can take advantage of the Cascadia’s attention to detail and functionality. 

Why Witte

Drive the Best-in-Class Trucking Equipment at Witte

Witte Bros. invests in the best trucking equipment to ensure driver safety and comfort. Solo and team drivers spend several hours in the truck daily, so the equipment must be trustworthy and functional. State-of-the-art equipment and our experienced Truck Service Center give you confidence each time you hit the road.

A career at Witte allows you to drive the best with the best. We take pride in our expansive fleet of trucks and team-focused mentality. Witte stresses hard work, trust, honesty, safety, and outstanding service. We ensure each team member reflects our Core Values in everything they do:

  1. We Do the Right Thing
  2. We Drive Improvement
  3. We Own It
  4. We Win Together

Are you ready to hit the road in industry-leading trucking equipment? Learn about our trucking career opportunities or apply for our Truck Driving School today!

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We Do the Right Thing. We Drive Improvement. We Own It. We Win Together.