Team Truck Driving: What You Need to Know

Team truck driving involves two individuals transporting goods across long distances. The process allows employers to move cargo quickly and efficiently – drivers split the workload by sharing the physical labor and mental stress associated with long-distance hauling.

Some individuals enjoy team truck driving because it allows them to share the workload, split the miles traveled, have company, and rest in shifts without missing an opportunity for payment. Other drivers prefer solo over-the-road (OTR) driving because they don’t want to be responsible for someone else’s actions, or they don’t enjoy the camaraderie of working with a partner.

The Benefits of Team Truck Driving

Driving as a duo offers several benefits that can make long-distance hauling easier and more enjoyable. Notable advantages include the following:

  • Higher income potential. Team truck driving aims to minimize the number of breaks a solo driver would need by having partners switch off driving duties. You can travel further and earn more money as a duo.
  • Increased safety. With two drivers, there’s less potential for fatigue and distractions when driving long distances. 
  • Greater efficiency. Working with another driver allows you to split the workload – each driver takes turns driving, resting, and eating, thus eliminating downtime and boosting efficiency.
  • You’re not alone. Team truck driving offers some companionship on the road and allows you to build relationships with other drivers.
  • Choose your teammate. Team truck driving allows you to ride with your favorite person. Choose a spouse, partner, friend, or anyone you enjoy spending time with.

Tips for Making Your Team Driving Experience Positive

If you’re considering team truck driving or are already on the road as part of a team, here are some tips to make your experience beneficial:

  • Set (and stick to) rules. Establish expectations for the trip between you and your partner, such as about rest, meal times, and communication. 
  • Keep a positive attitude. Working with someone over long distances can be challenging – strive to stay upbeat even when times get tough. 
  • Stay organized. You’re most successful as a truck-driving duo when you organize your cargo (and yourself) in a way that works best for both parties involved. Check out some organization tips for semi trucks we’ve compiled.
  • Be considerate. Show respect to your teammate, and remember you’re in it together.
  • See local sights. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore new places if you want. Team drivers often deliver goods to the country’s most breathtaking locations!
"You will have time to go to movies, see different landmarks, visit many cool places, go hiking, play golf, and see family members in between your downtime while OTR."
Terry B.
Witte Bros. Truck Driving School Graduate, OTR Solo Driver, & Trainer

Team Truck Driving at Witte

As part of a truck-driving duo at Witte, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • Teams earn $120,000+ yearly on average
  • Seven weeks off per year
  • Bonus pay opportunities
  • Annual pay increase
  • Driver referral program
  • And more.

Hit the Road Together Today

Team truck driving can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. If you want to join a truck-driving duo or start a team, Witte Bros. Exchange has the resources and benefits to help you hit the road together. 

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Choose Witte’s Truck Driving School

At Witte Bros. Exchange, we provide comprehensive training for individuals interested in becoming professional truck drivers. If you and your chosen partner want to drive as a team, but neither has a CDL, you can earn them together by attending our Truck Driving School! Our program offers hands-on training with experienced professionals – in the classroom and in the truck – so you gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.